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Two powerful Speech APIs providing natural, lifelike Text-to-Speech and best-in-class AI transcription

TTS Transcription

Realistic Text-to-Speech

AI Text-to-Speech powered by state-of-the-art Neural networks developed by Exometrics – available for integration with apps, software, embedded systems, and much more

How it works

Use our fast APIs or
Custom-built Software.

Our innovative models are meticulously trained with various speakers based on thousands of hours of transcribed audio – carefully tuned to sound natural and human-like.

Multiple Voices

Over 20 voice types to choose from

Fast, Robust APIs

High volume batch and low latency streaming AI APIs

Custom AI Software

Fully managed, custom TTS applications

Create Your Own Voice

Custom voice types unique to your organisation

Voice Transcription

Accurate Voice Transcription

Convert audio into text with AI-powered transcription

How it works

Highly Accurate, Lightning Fast
Voice Transcription.

Our state-of-the-art voice transcription service uses the latest advances in AI speech recognition coupled with powerful denoising algorithms & contextual language models. Available as custom-built software or API.

Over 95% accurate

Fully automated transcription

Custom-designed software

Fast API

ai voice transcription api

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