Case Study

Detecting Crypto Scams with AI

An established Cryptocurrency company wanted to build an Anti-money Laundering system for Bitcoin & Ethereum. Here's how we helped them.

The Opportunity

With Cryptocurrencies becoming more important, there is a growing need for Anti-money Laundering solutions, which can be used by traditional financial institutions. Our client - an established Cryptocurrency firm - chose to partner with Exometrics to build an Anti-money Laundering system capable of predicting the risk of cryptocurrency transactions.

They required a solution that was functionally scalable to handle complex requirements from regulators. The system also had to scale to handle billions of transactions on various blockchains.

Our Solution

We designed a scalable, modular design running on Microsoft Azure. Our Data Engineers set up databases to import and manage billions of Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions.

We built the core of the system using state-of-the-art Machine Learning algorithms and a flexible rule-based sub-system.

Technologies Used

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  • Our team developed and delivered a sophisticated Cryptocurrency AML system with state-of-the-art Machine Learning models

  • We sourced a dataset of over 1 million illicit crypto transactions, from multiple sources

  • Our Data Scientists managed to achieve an astonishing 98.4% accuracy when trying to detect illicit transactions

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