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Our Data Analytics consultants empower organisations to unlock all possible value from their data, enabling forward-thinking decision making that drives business growth


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Data Analytics Consulting Tailored To Your Business

No matter your short-term goals or long-term vision, our innovative Data Analysts will help you get to market faster and deliver more valuable outcomes

data analytics agency


We’ll build new data pipelines, establish data feeds, and create your management information systems so that you can finally quantify your data’s value

insight analysts


Our innovative analytics techniques empower you to intelligently aggregate and segment your data so that you can extract insightful conclusions that fuel smarter business decisions

preditictive analytics experts


Utilizing both your own data and outside data feeds, our platform allows you to forecast upcoming trends and market-disrupting shifts


Our Data Analytics Services

No matter the scale of your project or the complexity of your data, Exometrics has a Data Science tool that will suit your specific requirements.

forecasting using machine learning


Leverage both current and historical data to generate statistical models that predict future performance

marketing analytics agency

Marketing Analytics

We'll provide you with an streamlined view into the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, enabling you to make improvements and boost ROI

web analytics consultants

Web Analytics

Our team dissects and investigates your website data to build predictive models that leverage user-generated data to your advantage

anomaly detection

Anomaly Detection

We employ advanced machine learning algorithms to determine if there is an anomaly, activating a real-time alert that enables you to take immediate action

behavioural analytics

Behavioural Analytics

Leverage technology that analyzes user intent to effectively forecast customer behavior and outcomes, guiding your business in a more profitable direction

customer segmentation


We meticulously segment your user base, depending on their individual behavioral patterns – generating thoughtfully defined profiles for your marketing team to use

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Exometrics provides comprehensive Data Analytics consulting from simple forecasts to complete system builds

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Fully Managed Services

We work alongside your organisation to ensure that its unique needs are met. Our solutions are strategically deployed and carefully maintained by our talented Data Analytics team

Custom-built Data Analytics Software

Our innovative Data Analytics team utilizes best-in-class technologies that help your company realise its unique vision and deliver superior outcomes to its customers

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